I am amazed at how lonely the world is. I meet people everyday who are so lonely and looking for someone to come and love them. They spend hours and days longing for that special someone to arrive into their life and change it for them. The Bible says that only God himself can change it, and yet there is that sense that if I can just meet the right person, I will be made complete. I guess, to some, that is the answer to that emptiness inside, but oh what a less than perfect solution to something so precious.

Today I met one lady with two children out of wedlock and one on the way and no man with a commitment with her. I’m saying this not to shame her, but to prove the point of looking for someone who can come into your life and fulfill that longing for love and acceptance. The world describes that longing as lust, but the Bible clearly says that is not the case. Lust is something that is temporary and not pure in any sense. It is selfish and unsatisfying, always yearning for more. Love, on the other hand, is so fulfilling and complete. It brings a sense of satisfaction and affirmation needed so much in this world. The only thing about that kind of love is that it does not exist on the earth. Unconditional love does not have plain view to yield itself to anyone here because we expect something in return for it. God’s unconditional love doesn’t require true commitment, continual admiration, beauty, holiness or other traits so often we long for in others. Unconditional love from God doesn’t come at a price; it comes totally free. Regardless of age, color, shape, size, or lack of commitment, it still exists and grows. How amazing that is to know and get a glimpse of it in this lifetime.

Some look for love in sex, others in addictions, and still others in achievements. They base their entire existence in looking for something that does not exist. What an awful and dreadful way to spend life if not saved by the knowledge that that is not the end of the story. The closing line is not finished. I wonder how many go to their grave never finding that fulfillment and lacking any sense of true happiness? I wonder when someone is on their deathbed, in their final moment, whether they will care what they drove or what house they lived in, or how much money they obtained? At that last fleeting moment, what will prove to be the most important thing for them? Maybe the love they had for their spouse, or possibly their admiration they received from their children. Or maybe it will yet be something much greater–that the point in knowing the true sense of unconditional love on this earth was truly possible through a wonderful, heavenly Father who came down and touched their life in such
a way that they never wanted for anything ever again. I pray that everyone on this earth who is looking to the possibility of knowing unconditional love truly finds it through someone else on this earth showing them and expressing that never-ending love that Jesus has for them–Jesus with flesh on, showing them acceptance and freedom to be themselves.

Rise up oh church and be those very ones who bring that possibility to life for them. Rise up and feel the need that is so great on the earth right at this moment in time, a dying, hurting, dry generation longing for their perfect parent to hold them and tell them they are accepted and honored as His child. He is the only parent who will love them unconditionally and teach them the Ancient paths and lead them home. That is the kind of parent we all long for, the ones who had abusive parents, maybe the ones who missed out on having a parent, or maybe yet better the ones who were adopted and never knew it. Those are the ones who look and long for that acceptance, affirmation, and approval all their lives and never get it if not for Christ. Lead us in the way everlasting, and we will not turn away from it. Lead us in a path of righteousness and we will not stray from it. Lead a dark and dying generation into a new life and regeneration for His namesake. Restore to us the name and birthrights given before we were formed in our mother’s womb. Oh, that the kingdom dwellers were more courageous in the world today. Oh, that we were not hidden and ashamed. Oh, that the world would understand that everything they have longed for and desire is already available for them, looking them right in the eye and they don’t know it. It is sitting right next to them on the bus and checking out right in front of them at the grocery store; it a hidden gift, free for the taking; it is a dying generation , a dying breed, a lonely and yearning world and hidden church–how dreadful the breach between them. Only God can fill the gap; only boldness can build the bridge.

O God, give us strength, grace, and boldness to be the bridge to you Jesus, to be the one who takes the hand, to be the one who speaks life where there is death, to be the one who says a kind word that a saves a life. Psalms 34 says “He looked down and their faces were radiant and not ashamed.” They understood they are accepted, wanted, and deemed worthy to a great and awesome God who has forgiven them and has revealed to them the abundance of His love for them. No shame, no sorrow, no lack, and no wandering on the earth simply because they knew they are loved just the way they are, no exception. Lord help us bring a dying world to you.