Hi!  Welcome to RiverLife, Chapel Hill.  We are a non-denominational, independent church in relationship with RiverLife Fellowship — Mooresville, NC, http://www.riverlifefellowship.com.  We love Jesus passionately and enjoy the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit!  All that we hold dear, can be summed up as follows:

Our Values
•  HIS PRESENCE — A priority given to the pursuit of His Presence
in our gatherings and daily life.
•  FAMILY — A revelation of the Father’s Love and the church in the context of being in His family.

•  EQUIPPING — A church where ministry is done through
the people in the church, being equipped
by the pastors and leaders.

Our Passion
•    Enjoying the love of our Heavenly Father
•    Walking in the amazing Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
•    Experiencing the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Our Purpose
•    To provide an atmosphere
where people can experience the Presence of God
•    To empower families with the grace and love of the Father
•    To reach college students with a message of hope for changing a generation